Welcome to Space Wave Official Website.

If you are here, it's because you've heard about this game, in other words, you want to play a true Arcade Game or compete for the first place in the Leaderboards!

Don't you even played Space Wave? Android smartphone users may consider downloading the Android version of the game and OUYA owner can download it from the OUYA Store, but if you haven't got any of these devices, you are still lucky, because can play the Browser Version of the game.
Note that different platforms have their own in-game Leaderboards, but in this Website you can mix the rankings, so..., are you ready? :D


Due lack of enough participants, Space Wave Championship Prize cannot be claimed. Winner was kur0i, with 83900 points.
Thanks to all participants, we want to cheer them to compete again in future Championships.

Space Wave, developed by WasabiDonut under Creative Commons Licence
Licencia de Creative Commons